Chapter Seven: Two Minds

"I don't care even if she goes to Singapore for a decade!!!!!!" Maan told himself for the nth time, "Why will I have a problem? And there is absolutely no reason why I should go with her or I stop her from going!!! So that's it! Wherever she goes doesn't concern me in the least!!!!!"
He assured his self which somewhere wasn't happy with the fact that Geet was going away.

On the other hand, Geet was getting ready for the wedding reception but in a sullen mood.
"I just don't understand what's happening with me!!!! Did I expect him to accompany me to foreign land??? I surely need a mental check-up then!!! I should be celebrating the fact that I'm going to Singapore & he won't be there to eat my brain!!!"

Both of them collided with each other in one of the corridors. Maan couldn't help but gaze at her as Geet looked gorgeous in the pink saree. She looked away but saw that he looked exceedingly handsome in coat & tie through the corner of her eye.
"What's your problem??.I know you purposely dashed me!!!!" she accused.
"Excuse me?? I know I look very good but that doesn't mean you purposely collide with me & then act innocent!!!" he retorted.
"Oh hello! Don't think of yourself as aasman ka para...I mean pari!! You were staring at me!!!!" she snapped.
"I don't get salary that I stare at you okay!!!"
"Oh really?!!!!We both know you find ways & means to come close to me!!!!" she sneered.
"Jhoot bole crow kaate!!!!" he retorted.
"You know what, it's great that I am doing this fashion course as I won't have to stay with you!!!!!!" she said fuming...
"Exactly! Even my life will become normal without you!!!"
Irked, both looked away from each other.

"What's all this???!!"
Vikrant's shocked voice was heard. Maan & Geet saw both of their parents standing there with stunned faces seeing them fight that way. The Aroras didn't know how to react.
"Maan & I want to separate. This marriage is a grave mistake." said Geet in a solemn voice.
"We are not in the least compatible with each other." added Maan

 There parents just gaped at them in disbelief. But they knew Maan & Geet were serious & the decision was final...

The wedding reception was a big dud. Maan & Geet just coldly avoided being together. It looked as if they had nothing to do with each other. When the guests wanted them to dance hand in hand, they plainly refused. But luckily the invitees thought that the newly married couple were very shy of each other!

Both the Khuranas & the Aroras were aware that Maan and Geet fought like school kids...or perhaps kindergarten babies but that day the situation had really got tensed. Both the families were not in the favor to end the marriage.

After the reception got over, the elders sat for a discussion.
"I really want Maan & Geet to be together. They will make wonderful life partners!" expressed Rano, sadly. Mohinder agreed.
"I don't want them to divorce. That's it!" Niharika said firmly.
Vikrant took a deep breath.
"We have to plan something to convince them to try & work on their marriage."


Geet had already started to pack. But she was slow in getting her dresses out from the cupboard & put them in her bag as her mind was wandering elsewhere. Finally tired of everything, she sat on the bed with a thud.
"What to do??? Inspite of everything that has happened, I still feel as if I want Maan to come with me to Singapore. I really havta visit a psychiatrist."
Casting all the thought aside, she resumed her packing.
"It's better I leave from here as early as possible."

On the other hand, Maan was just not able to concentrate in office work. He held his head resting his elbow on the desk. Geet was not leaving his mind even for a second & more than that the thought of her going away haunted him. Why was it happening? he didn't know.
"Maybe I haven't lost humanity yet. A young lady living all by herself in foreign land doesn't sounds good, right?" he tried to reason out his restlessness.
"Toh thik hai, I will go with Geet but she shouldn't feel that I am going to Singapore just to be with her" he assured himself.

In the evening, he joined his dad in a game of billiards in the gaming room of KM.
"Maan, I have thought a lot & I think this is the right time that you become the M.D of Khurana Constructions."
Maan couldn't believe what he just heard. His joy was seamless but he didn't forget what he had come to say.
"Err...Dad...actually I think I need more experience before I become the M.D."
That left Vikrant surprised as his son had been very much eager for the post.
"I mean...I want reach out to those places where our business is not doing so in Singapore." he suggested casually.
Vikrant raised his eyebrows.
"But...our business is doing quite good in Singapore. Why suddenly do you want to go there????"
" exploit more opportunities & extend the business there."he framed the excuse, "Give me six months time to explore their markets "
Vikrant smiled to himself getting an idea of what Maan was trying to hide.
"Okay. Jaisa aap thik samjhe, waisa kariye!"

Maan thanked him & left.

Geet put on the loud music and was singing & dancing thinking that it would help her get rid of Maan's thoughts!

"La La La La La La La La La La..Laaa"

So when Maan entered the room, he was dumbfounded seeing her jumping & dancing on the bed like a maniac! He just stood there gaping at her like a fool not knowing how to react. Her eves widened & she stopped immediately when she saw him standing there blankly. Gosh! She felt so ashamed of her stupidity. In the shock, she was just about to slip off from the bed when Maan raced forward but ended up falling over her on the bed...
There eyes locked & both were lost in each other. He felt her chest heave up & down against his out of tiredness. He slowly moved his fingers over her face to remove the curls. She was too drowned in him to object...

"Did anyone tell you that you're so insane???"
That brought Geet back to her senses. Realizing in what position they were, she pushed him away. He landed on the bed next to her while she sat up.
"Listen Mister! I got this insanity from you!!!!!, shaadi ke side effects!!" she growled.

He glared at her.
"The bed will break if a hippo like you dances on it!!!!"
She fumed hearing that.
"If I am hippo then you're maha hippo!!!!!!!!"
"Excuse me?? I am tall & have a well built fit body as you have seen!!!" he snapped.
"Oh hello! I am not your yoga guru that you're describing your biology to me!!" she retorted.
"Beds are not used for dancing okay!!!!!!"
"Yeah! As if beds are used only for love-making!!!" she blurted out without thinking & realized the blunder.
He smirked while she looked away. He leaned closer to her & whispered.
"Hmm...You are not such a tubelight as I had thought you to be!!!"
And she got so angry that she threw a pillow at him that landed flat on his face. He glared at her!
"Look! I am not a four year old kid like you to fight with pillows!!!!"

He got up from the bed & threw the pillow back at her!
"I had come to say I am going to Singapore with you for six months ." he announced.
"Kis khushi main?" she blurted out but then realized what he just said. She felt a feeling of ecstasy within & if he hadn't turned his back to her, he would have seen it on her face although she tried to hide it.

"Woh...I am going only for business work & no other reason." he specifically stressed the last words!
"I knew that!!! He is coming with me just because he has work over there else he wouldn't have come!!!"
She chided in her mind. He left.
Geet smacked her head.
"Oye, why did you think ki he will go only to be with you??!!!"

Finally the day of their departure arrived. The Aroras had also come to see them off.
"It's good to see that you're giving a try to work out your marriage."said Mohinder.

Maan & Geet glanced sideways as both knew that was not true.
"All four of us have decided something." began Vikrant, "If at the end of six months, both of you feel the need to part ways then inform us. We will send the divorce papers to Singapore."
Startled, Maan & Geet looked at him & then nodded in approval.
"But we sure that day would never come as both of you will fall for each other by then!" added Rano.
"Absolutely both of you will confess in front of us that you love each other! " said Niharika.
"Impossible!" exclaimed Geet firmly.
"Aisa kabhi nahi hoga!" added Maan with finality.
"That we will see." said Vikrant. 

Maan & Geet had just got a challenge.Then they proceeded for security check. Their parents kept fingers crossed.

"Nothing will change in the next six months as both of us will be busy in or respective work & then divorce can be filed!"
"Only six months Geet & then you will be free from this marriage!"

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